MONT 5L 'Christmas Partykeg' (Limited Edition)

MONT 5L 'Christmas Partykeg' (Limited Edition)

29.95 35.00

MONT Irish Pilsner 5.1% (Super-Premium Irish Lager)


"Wishing you a MONT Christmas"


  • Draught quality MONT BEER at home

  • Serves 8-9 pints - that's less than €4 a pint!

  • Simple to use pouring device (watch video below)

  • No extra equipment required!

  • No mess!

  • Brewery fresh beer! (Best By: up to 3 months from purchase date)

  • Once opened lasts for 2-5 days

  • Fits in your fridge

  • Better than a growler!

  • 100% recyclable

NB: MINIMUM ORDER 4 KEGS (or total order of 19 litres or more). Alternatively, join our 'Errol Mont Club' today and receive a 'Free XMAS Mini-Keg + Pint Glass' welcome gift! 2018 Memberships now available from this webshop.

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