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5.1% ABV | Plato 12 | 35 IBU

Naturally-brewed in small batches from pure Irish spring water, finest Pilsner malts, and triple-hopped for aroma & bitterness, MONT™ offers the perfect balance of taste & character that rewards you every time.

At a robust 5.1% abv and 35 IBUs, MONT™ is distinguished by its complex malt backbone, classic noble hop character, and a moreish dry finish. The subtle citrus twist at the end is our 'pinch of Irish divilment', in the form of a late Cascade hop addition. Ths combination of all this gives MONT™ its unique 'taste of more' signature.

But if you're more into just knocking back a cold one after a hard day's work, then MONT™ hits the spot every time.

Ah, Pleasing!

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Available on Draught, 33cl longneck bottles, 50cl pint bottles, 4-packs (4x33cl), and 5L mini-kegs